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May 28


OK so we all know that there comes a time when you look at your kitchen and realize that it's so drab and needs a face lift. But where do you start? Renovating your kitchen can be a daunting task, from refurnishing your cabinetry to putting in a new island with a sink and dishwasher. But the easiest first step that you can take is choosing a style for your kitchen. Styles? What? Yes ladies and gents, your kitchen can be styled! You can try out a soft French Country idea full of soft lines and quaint patterns, but don't limit yourself to just the traditional blue and white. Take a look below at this beautiful green French Country kitchen!

If you like the idea of a slightly more rustic look but with the soft lines of the French Country, then you could give the tougher, more masculine Rustic style a go. Fill your kitchen with heavy woods and exposed stone. our kitchen has think that this means your kitchen has to be dark. 
Retro kitchens are really popular. Bright colors and rounded edges. Don't be afraid to bring big patterns and even bigger colors to your space. The Retro styles can be bent to suit you and your kitchen. Think primary colors and checkered tiles!  
So if we give you Retro ideas, we should include the sleek beast that is the Modern kitchen! All smooth angles. Chrome and black. The kitchen of the future! But its not all dark and sharp angles. You can merge the sleek Modern style with the French Country and get something like you see below.  
Now for those of us who just can't choose between one of these styles, don't fret! We get the Eclectic kitchen. The style that blends a little bit of everything.  Bright colors from the Retro, wooden panels from the French Country, exposed beams and bricks from the Rustic, and sleek lines from the Modern. Take a look.
Don't forget to have with this! Renovating your kitchen is not too daunting. Just breathe remember that you can Paint your fridge with chalkboard paint so the kids can help with the menu or the grocery lists. (Or you can let your inner child out and draw on the fridge!)  Nifty storage spaces will make it so you use all available space in your kitchen. Big or small your space is yours, so make it your own. No more worrying if your wine stained walls were an accident now they are an avante garde way of decorating your walls. You can find more inspirations on our Pintrest Kitchens board. 

April 17

Florida Room/Sun Room

                Florida room. Sun room. Solarium. Sun parlor. All different words for the same thing, a great place to spend your spring and summer. You get to watch the storms that roll through this area as well as enjoy the sun without the nastiness of pests or pesky pollen. Florida rooms vary from country to country. In England, they're all glass attributing to when they were originally greenhouses for the wealthy. In the States, however, they started out as parlors that got a lot of sunshine.

                Nowadays, Florida rooms are a focal point in quite a few homes.  It's a great place to entertain guests, share a cup of coffee with a friend, or to just relax in the sunshine.  Florida rooms are made up of huge windows , normally on 3 sides, tile or durable carpet floors, and sometimes skylights. Now, it's not necessary for this style room to be solid glass; there are versions that have what are called 'knee walls' starting at floor level and coming up to knee or mid-thigh height.  

                Thinking of redecorating your Florida room? Or adding one to your home? Remember this room is for YOUR comfort. Make sure your furniture is comfy and durable. Wicker is the go to choice for Florida room seating, it's easy to clean, comes in many colors, and is very durable. You can add as many cushions and pillows as you want. Remember YOUR comfort! Don't forget the paint, make sure your wall colors compliment your blinds. We all know that summer sun can be dreadfully warm.  You don't need to match so much as compliment. Keep your space warm feeling throughout the year with a warm paint color. Think various shades of red or orange. These are just suggestions, so if red or orange doesn't suit you or the rest of your home feel free to experiment with colors. (All credit to the photographers and designers can be found on our Pintrest page

Everyone needs inspiration once in awhile, including us designers.  Below are some of our favorite picks from past inspiration blogs or can be found on our new Pinterest site,   Why are these our favorites?  Because they are GORGEOUS!  And they all incorporate tips and tricks that we completely endorse and love.  From embracing color and texture combinations to adding focal points to each room, all of the photos below are great examples of what you can do in your home whether you have a traditional or a contemporary home.  For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest are  Enjoy being inspired!  
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Design is knowing which ones to keep."  Scott Adams 

What is a mudroom?  An informal entry?  A place to hide the mess of shoes, coats, sports equipment your family has?  It's all of these and more.  It's an ideal space for extra storage, a display area for artwork or unique finds, and the obvious, most functional space to put on and take off your shoes.  While it would be nice to have whole area from a mudroom, you can make the most of the space right by your front or back door.  Check out the photos below of mudrooms, many which are small spaces being used in the most functional way.  (As always, all credit goes to the photographers and links to these pages can be found on our pinterest page, )  

The most functional mudrooms have hooks for each family member, a bench, and a shelf.  Storage is the most important component of a mudroom as you don't want to see the mess of shoes, coats, and sporting equipment your family may have as soon as you walk in the door. If you have a small space, let your bench do double duty as a seating area as well as a place to hide extra shoes in pullouts or by lifting the seat.  If you like the open look, use durable wicker storage bins that will not only hide the mess, but will withstand wear and tear.  Because many of you will probably not have a separate room to use as a mudroom and you'll be using a wall near your entry, you need to make sure that it looks good and flows with the rest of the house.  Consider using a complimentary paint color on the area of the wall where your mudroom will be.  You could also use white bead board or stained wood to differentiate that space from the rest of the room.  While your bench will be functional, you also want it to look nice.  Add throw pillows or upholster the top in indoor/outdoor fabric in brighter or bolder patterns than you wouldn't normally use.  They will stand up better to the comings and goings of your family. As for the shelf, make sure to place it above the hooks you have for each family member.  Try placing smaller bins on the shelf for additional storage for mail, homework, scarves, and gloves or use the space to display family artwork, photos, or cool finds from a favorite family vacation.  You need to make sure that this mudroom will function for every member of the family and will hold everything that you need it to, so make sure you have enough hooks and storage bins, at minimum, one for each member of the family.  While you can use regular hooks, consider using ones that are unique and fit your family from glass doorknobs to funky and retro ones found at UrbanOutfitters or Anthropologie.  The ideas are endless to make this space flow with the rest of your house but this is one space where form needs to follow function.  That being said, follow the simple rules we have laid out for you, and you will not only have a great looking mudroom, but a functional one as well.

Themes vs. color combinations

Remember growing up and building sheet forts in your room with your best buds?  Or having those glow in the dark star stickers on your ceiling?  How about all the boy band posters from the 80's and 90's?  Kid's rooms have come a long way in the past decade but each parent (and child) has to face the question when they first decide to redecorate:  Do you create a themed room or have a timeless color scheme that the child can grow in to?  Here are Art in Motion, we think you can do both.  Here are a few tips and photos of some great kid's rooms that are not only themed, but allow the child to mature in the room and be able to change out furniture and accessories with ease. 

1.  When doing a theme - go classic and somewhat generic.  Travel.  Cars.  Nautical.  Animals.  Does your tween daughter love zebra print?  Take a cue from the picture below and use zebra carpet tiles to give her that 'theme' without it the pattern being overbearing.  Is your son a car addict?  When he is younger you can use the movie Cars as inspiration.  When he is older, use Nascar or vintage cars. 

2.  So how do you transition a themed room from when your child was younger and is now a teen?  It all starts with your choice of paint!  Choose neutral and versatile colors that aren't too saturated.  That way, you and your son/daughter won't get tired of it as fast.

3.  Don't forget - this is your kid's room!  It is where they go to play, hang out with friends, and listen to music.  It is their own sanctuary within your home.  So having a designated play area in the room is smart.  You can even let them have their own 'permanent' sheet fort up that they can use as a reading nook or a place to sleep when they have impromptu sleep-over's.  Consider even painting one wall with chalkboard paint (which you can now get in any color) so that it is an accent wall as well as a place for your child to embrace their inner Picasso.

4.  Storage is key.  Especially if you have a themed room or think you will be redecorating often.  Using a mixture of open and closed shelving provides places for you and your child to display artwork or figurines that go with the theme of the room but can easily be removed when needed.

5.  Don't be afraid of prints!  One of the pictures shown below that I love is of a nursery that has stripes on the wall.  Using a simple pattern such as this allows the room to grow with the child for many years.  Many home improvement stores and paint stores now sell stencils that you can use as well.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, paint the wall(s) in an eggshell or matte finish and then paint the stencil using the same color but in a high gloss finish.  Consider also using a printed wallpaper such as the blue sailboat wallpaper seen below in a nautical themed room.

(All the photos and their credits can be found on pinterest page, as well as more photos for inspiration.)

March 14, 2013

Welcome back!  Ready to tackle your master bath?  Below are 10 tips for you to make your master bath an oasis that you can enjoy.

1.  Maximize the use of natural light!  You not only need it for ventilation but having a lot of natural light makes your bath seem larger.  Having the illusion that you're sharing space with nature helps to give your space an open air quality.  You can place windows in your shower, across from a mirror so that light bounces back, or even on your ceiling (which would probably be best for you modest types!). 

2.  Glass shower surrounds are great for numerous reasons.  First, they are easier to clean than tile.  Second, they allow for an uninterrupted view in the space and allow for light in the shower so the shower doesn't feel dark or claustrophobic. 

3.  Make the most of your space in the form of storage.  If you have a small footprint, opt for vertical storage that goes all the way to the ceiling or trim out the space between studs to create a custom built in look. 

4.  Your overall color palate should be subtle and calming.  Blues and greens (more natural colors) tend to have a more calming effect on people versus oranges and reds (energizing colors).  Sticking with one or two colors in various shades makes the room flow and seem bigger.

5.  If you have a small master bath, go for drama by adding texture to a neutral color palate.  You can do this on the ceiling by adding tin ceiling tiles, on the floor in the form of textured tile mosaics that look like pebbles, or even placing a frame around your mirror.

6.  Who said the bedroom is the only place for furniture?  If you have a soaking tub, place a small table beside it so you have a place to put a good book, candle, and a glass of wine.  Even adding a bench or small ottoman with storage not only gives you more places to put your clothes or sit, but can give you extra storage space.

7.  Emphasize any architectural elements that you may have.  Have an arch?  Add moulding to it.  Slanted ceiling?  Why not put painted bead board on it.  Large 70's mirror?  Frame it out.  Small changes like these can give your bath a luxurious feel.

8.  If you have a standard builder's grade shower surround, amp it up!  Contact your local bath designer (i.e. Laura and I) and talk about getting a customized tiled shower and tub surround.  Not only is this a place where you can add in color, but it makes the room stand out from the other baths you may have in your home.

9.  Don't forget your vanity!  If you have the space, opt for a double vanity so both you and your spouse have room to get ready in the morning.  If you keep the cabinetry simple, you can add some bling in the form of your hardware.  Having a  vessel sink gives your bath a more modern feel, especially if done in glass but is also a nice custom touch.

10.  We started with lighting and we are going to end with lighting.  Natural light is great but you still need some sort of light fixture so you can see at night.  If you have a large master bath, why not have a chandelier?  This can be a fun way to add more texture to your bath.  Other lighting tips:  Put your lights on a dimmer switch.  This allows you to have ambient lighting when you want to relax but the full light when you need to get ready.  Recessed can lighting always works great in the shower but not so well around the mirror(s).  Make sure to place any sconces on the sides of the mirror rather than above so that you aren't creating a glare on your face. 

March 7, 2013

Did anyone enjoy the snow/rain/ice (why are we having a winter apocalypse?!?!?) yesterday?  As I'm sure you can tell by now, winter is not my favorite season.  That's why I'm excited to show you some awesome master baths this week!  Especially the open air shower seen below.  Really, is there anything more refreshing than taking a shower outside?  How many of you love taking showers at the beach just for that reason?  I know I do!  Below is a great mix of contemporary to more traditional baths.  I tried incorporating those that showed different ways that you can layout a bathroom such as having the shower behind the sink wall (genius!) to showing a combination shower/tub that everyone seems to have.  Take a few minutes and look and the slideshow and just dream.  Your bath could look like this too!  Maybe it already does.  Either way, the bathroom is actually a pretty interesting space to design.  It has to be one of the most functional spaces in your home even though you don't spend a lot of time in their.  Unless you're a teenage girl.  Who has to spend hours making sure not one hair is out of place.  Anyways, the master bath should be like the master bedroom - an oasis for just you and your special someone.  Come back next week and I will go into detail on exactly how to make it that special oasis.  

(All credit for the pictures below belong to their rightful owners.  Links to those sites can be found on our Pinterest at

February 28, 2013

Is anyone else ecstatic that spring is only two weeks away?  I know I am!  I've never liked the cold and with this past year's random snow storms every other weekend (and always on the weekends I'm off) put me in a funk.  That is why I am excited to talk to you about last week's slide show.  I loved the dining rooms and master bedrooms that I posted.  All use a great blend of colors, patterns, and textures to get anyone out of a winter funk.  In the past, I have talked about how much color, lighting, staging, and accessories can really add to your space and make a statement.  This week I want to focus on more structural elements of the spaces shown that can also make your room brighter, more open, and interesting. These elements could include soffits, beams, columns, fireplaces, archways, vaulted ceilings, trim and mouldings, tray ceilings, and windows.  And the great news is a lot of the older homes in our area have a lot of the architectural elements I just mentioned.  In your dining room and master bath!  Which means you probably have a few of them in your home right now!  Aren't you excited?!?!  Okay, I'll tone it down a little bit.  I love older homes where you can really play up the features in them to make a statement.  The most common elements around our area include fireplaces, columns and beams, soffits and vaulted ceiling .  Because you have them in your dining room and master bath, they are also great places to go bold since those aren't the rooms that you will be spending the majority of your time or be showing off as often.   Here are a few ideas to update them to give them a fresh look:



1.  If you have old red bricks try painting them or whitewashing them. 

2.  Add new trim to the sides and to the mantel.  Don't forget to add accessories to your mantel to make the fireplace a focal point.

3.  Don't like your fireplace?  Change the whole look by adding a stone veneer to it. 

4.  If you have a standard black gas fireplace like you could buy at any home improvement store, consider placing tile around it.  If you're going for a more modern look, go with a larger, linear porcelain tile.

5.  If don't use your fireplace and it stays empty all the time, consider using it for something functional, say books.  (Type in "books in fireplace" in the search box on Pinterest to get ideas for what this will look like.)


Columns and Beams:

1.  Exposed beams is a great architectural feature that not only is timeless but also can add a lot of interest especially if you have it in a grid on your ceiling.

 2.  If you're going for a more rustic tone throughout your house, go with a wire brushed look on the beams and columns. 

3.  Do you have columns in your kitchen?  Box them in with the same panels that you have on your cabinets for a seamless look.

4.  If your ceiling already has a grid pattern on it in a natural wood tone, consider painting them a neutral color with a light gray on the exposed ceiling areas for a contemporary look.

5.  Consider using your columns as end pieces on your island if you have an open layout in your home.  This frames the island and kitchen while still keeping the space open.


Soffits and Vaulted Ceilings:

1.  Add lighting!  Most soffits already have electrical in them so why not put in a few recessed can lights to give you extra lighting?

2.  Treat soffits like your trim.  Let them make a subtle statement about the room and let them continue all the way around the room.  Again, add lighting here to put focus on any artwork you may have on the walls.

3.  If you are going to treat your soffits like your trim, paint them the same color as your trim and ceiling.  If not, then this is a great place to add in an accent color or paint it the same color as your walls, so the room itself will seem taller.

4.  If you have a vaulted ceiling and want a cottage or beach feel to your house, put bead board up.  This gives your ceiling texture that you will be able to see even if you have a 12' ceiling.  Paint it in an off-white or gray for contrast or the same color as the walls in your home for a seamless look.

5.  Vaulted ceilings are a great place to add in skylights.  Because the roof isn't flat here, the light won't shine directly into the space making it feel like a sauna, but will still add in a lot of natural light.


Don't forget to check out our slide show next week that is going to show some fabulous master baths!  

February 21, 2013

So it's been awhile since I've posted.  Between me being sick, Laura being gone, and just being plain busy, I haven't been able to update our inspiration.  BUT, if you follow us on Pinterest you can see we have been pinning a lot!  There are so many great ideas to update your home from complete remodels to minor DIY projects.  Today I want to go over the tips for the living room slide show that I posted a few weeks ago as well as go over two other rooms in the house - the formal dining room and master bedroom. 


Living Room:

I love how many of the photos that we choose incorporated a lot of different colors and patterns.  Don't be afraid to mix a few patterns and textures together.  By doing so, you can add a lot of interest to the room and in a way where just a small piece of furniture or throw pillow can make a statement.  Just make sure to keep the patterns and textures in similar color families so as to not be overwhelmed.  That being said, having contrasting colors can work great in a space as well.  If you want to keep the space timeless, choose three or four colors that you love that work well together.  Using those colors, choose patterns to add interest.  Keep larger pieces of furniture neutral so you can mix and match colors and patterns on the throw pillows, chairs, and rugs.  One of the things I loved about all the photos chosen were the different seating arrangements.  Rearranging furniture is a great (and free!) way of spicing your room up to give it a facelift.  If you decide you do want new furniture, I recommend buying a couch (or loveseat if you have a small space), two chairs, and an ottoman or pouf that can double as a side table.  Having pieces that are multifunctional are great because you can use them when you are entertaining for a large group or use when it's just you and your family. Remember to figure out the main function of the space whether it is a place for entertaining or a casual space where the whole family to gather before you do anything.  Knowing that will be key in what you choose for your furniture as well as how you arrange it.  One of the best pieces of advice I was given while in design school was if you are entertaining, every seat needs a place for that person to put their drink.  Make sure you have ample table space either in the form of end tables, coffee tables, ottomans, etc.  Being creative with what your tables are made out of can add a lot of interest to your space as well as being a conversation piece.  Artwork is another great way to spice up any space.  Many of the photos I choose have varying degrees of artwork including photo collages, a mix of large and small scale photos, mirrors, and horn mounts.  Depending on you and your family's aesthetic, choose pieces that reflect your travels, hobbies, and passions. 


Below is the slide show for the formal dining room and master bedroom which we will go into more detail with next week.  Remember when designing the formal dining room, it needs to be functional for the largest group of people you are going to be hosting.  Keep in mind the fabrics used in the space as well as they ideally need to be stain resistant.  No one wants a red wine stain on your upholstered white banquette.  Although formal dining rooms seem to be going extinct, they are a great place to go bold since you don't spend all of your time in that room.  Dining rooms can be made up of a standard table with chairs or a banquette with chairs.  Having benches, armchairs, sofas can add a lot of texture and interest to the space.  Just like with the living room, think of different  seating arrangements that can be done to better utilize your space.  As for the master bedroom, keep in mind this is your oasis in your home.  A place where only you and your special someone can go to relax.  Adding in a reading nook or chaise lounge is perfect for creating a space that is relaxing as well as giving you more space should you need it to place your clean clothes.  Enjoy!

(All photos can be found on our Pinterest site with links to each original site.  All credit belongs to the owners of the photos below.)

January 31, 2013

What is better than snuggling up in a cozy and comfortable chair drinking hot cocoa?  Especially on the weekends which seems like the only time we get snow around here.  Check out the photos below for inspiration on making your living room a comfortable space on cold winter nights.  All incorporate some really great ideas on what you can do in your living room to make it the showroom of your home.  From bold colors and patterns, to subtle colors and textures blending together. Don't forget that small changes can make a huge impact so grab some ideas from the photos below and spruce up your living room this weekend! 
January 24, 2013

Let’s review the slide show from last week.  We showed you a lot of really great examples of office spaces and entry ways.  I’m going to list our favorite ideas that you can do for either space to make it a more effective and interesting space.



  1. Add mirrors!  They make a huge statement as well as bringing in light to the space.
  2. If you don’t want to hang a mirror, hang some kind of statement piece whether it’s a piece of artwork or sculpture.  This is a person’s first glimpse into your home so make the space a statement about who you are and what you like.
  3. If you want to spice up the look of your entry and on a budget, PAINT!  It’s a cheap way to make a huge impact in a small space.  Because it’s a small area, going bold here won’t be overwhelming and will really spice up your home.
  4. Every entry needs a table or shelving for you to place your keys and phone when you come home.  Use it as another surface to decorate with vases and fresh flowers or knick knacks that you have picked up over the years.  Having a table will also give the space a feeling of organization.
  5. Have kids?  Place small ottomans or storage below the table for shoes and such to keep the space functional.
  6. Don’t forget lighting!  Having a really nice chandelier or hanging pendants will not only light the space, but make it feel more as a room rather than a hallway you have to go through to get to the main event.
  7. Placing a rug in your entry, especially if you have hardwood or tile floors there adds warmth to the space and keeps in inviting.


  1. What was the one common factor in every office we posted?  STORAGE!  Shelving can not only hold binders and books and whatever else you may need but can also display artwork.  If you work from home, you want to be in a room that not only keeps you organized but inspired.   Shelving whether it is literally a shelf, or a bookcase, or boxes placed on the wall, will not only help you stay organized but will give you a place to put your favorite photo or piece of art.
  2. Get a desk that works best for you.  Whether it’s a piece of mdf balanced on two saw horses or you have an actual desk – make sure it’s big enough to be functional for you and your work.  Placing the desk in the center of a room if you have a small office will make your office feel bigger as well as making the desk the centerpiece of the room.
  3. Have cool lighting!  Make sure you have enough light from recessed can lighting to a desk lamp.  You need light to see especially if you’re burning those midnight hours so why not get a lamp or pendant that is functional as well as interesting.
  4. If you’re working from home a lot, you need to make sure your office is warm and inviting.  Paint an accent wall your favorite color.  Bring in a rug.  Have curtains on the windows.  You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this room so why not make it a place where you actually want to be.
  5. Don’t forget about seating!  Choose a comfortable seat but one that is also functional and attractive.  You don’t have to get a boring black office chair (unless that’s your style).  You can even use the one you currently have and reupholster it in a fun modern fabric for another punch of color.

January 17, 2013

Last week things were a little busy with Laura leaving for a sunny vacation in Mexico and I wasn’t able to put up our weekly inspiration.  SORRY!!!  So this week, I’m giving you a double dose of inspiration.  Over the course of the next few weeks (okay, let’s face it probably months), I’m going to be posting about different rooms in your home - office, master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and any other room/space I can think of that needs attention.  Remember, every room and space in your home needs to reflect your style and personality as well as being functional.  This week, we are going to look at the entry (foyer) and home office.  Below will be a slide show of good examples of what you can do in each space as well as adding interest.  All can be found on our pinterest page,, with links to their original sites. 


Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from these photos.  A lot of the ideas you can do yourself like hanging shelves for your office or rearranging pictures/mirrors in your entry.  Even changing out the lighting fixtures and adding geometric wallpaper to your entry way can make a major impact on the space even on a tight budget.  

January 3, 2013

Everybody needs inspiration in some form or another.  And right now, mine is coming in the form of very bright colors.  Mostly because it’s winter and dreary outside.  On the other hand, I just really like bright colors!  Mixing patterns, colors, and textures is a great way to make a room interesting and also showcases your personality.  Check out the photos to the right to see what is inspiring to me this week:

1.  Unique Floor Mats by Domestic Construction
2.  Gold Leaf Design Group Wood Holder
3.  Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric
4.  Party Poof

December 27, 2012

It’s that time of year again – gym memberships hit their highest point and we all vow that this year will be different, we will spend more time doing what will love rather than stressing out about everything.  You know what I’m talking about – New Year’s Resolutions.  While resolutions are a great way to get you motivated and on track to your goal, how many of us actually stick with them past January 30?  Here are Art in Motion, we have decided we aren’t going to have resolutions this year.  We have goals of course, and you’ll see us meeting them throughout the year as we have quite a few changes coming our way.  But we would rather focus on helping you have the home you have always dreamed of.  So here are ten guidelines to help you get started this New Year in making your house a home that really fits your style.


New Year’s Resolutions Guidelines for your home:

  1. Use your square footage to your advantage! Don’t be a hoarder!
  2. You know that saying “A place for everything, everything in its place.” That your mother used to tell you when it was time to clean your room? Well it’s true!  Take time this year to organize and figure out a storage system that works best for you and your family. 
  3. If you really want to make a change in your home whether it’s a renovation or a smaller cosmetic job such as painting – take your time!  Work one room at a time and figure out what you want each room to accomplish, whether it’s a place to relax with family and friends or a room designed around your favorite hobbies.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  Your family and friends know you best and will understand your style.  If you’re still stuck, drop by the office and we will help you figure out exactly what you want to accomplish. 
  5. Decorate seasonally.  Change throw pillows, blankets, and other accessories to reflect the season.  Warmer colors such as reds, browns, and purples for fall and winter.  Cooler colors such as blues, whites, and greens for spring and summer.
  6. Texture is not your enemy.  Add texture to each room through accessories such as pillows, rugs, floral arrangements, or other centerpieces.
  7. Go green.  Adding a plant to each room not only helps with ventilation and allergies but it makes the room feel warmer and more accessible.
  8. Surround yourself with the things you love:  antiques, artwork by your favorite artist, photographs that have a special meaning to you.  Remember this is YOUR home; make it match your style and personality.
  9. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your home:  PAINT.  Choose a neutral for the walls so your furniture and accessories are the stars in your home.
  10. Use what you have.  New doesn’t always mean newly purchased – take what you have (and love) and repurpose it.  Your husband’s recliner, reupholster it in an updated patterned fabric.  Paint an old dresser and use it as a consul table in your entryway.  Changing upholstery and painting furniture is an easy way to give your home an updated look.  Rearranging furniture helps as well whether you move the couch from one side of the room to the other or moving furniture to a different room.


That being said, we hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!


Laura & Christen 

December 20, 2012

Need last minute decorating tips for the holidays?  Here are some you can do on a budget complete with our favorite inspirations (thank you Pintrest!):


  1.  Pick your style – do you traditional tastes?  Do you favor a more rustic theme?  Or are you drawn to a more minimalist approach to design? 
  2. Pick a color scheme and continue it throughout your house for a cohesive look:  white + silver + champagne;  blue + gold, purple + silver.  Incorporate complimentary colors such as oranges, reds, or burgundies.  Do not use red and burgundy together – pick one and stick with it!
  3. Group similar items together.  Going rustic:  Have vases full of pine cones and needles, incorporate burlap, add touches of wood.  Going for a more traditional or winter wonderland look:  have white candles dipped in Epsom salt with glass vases and white lights.
  4. Create focal points by grouping objects together in odd numbers . 
  5. Don’t forget to add personal touches like photos in both color and black and white!
  6. Add lighting to your interior garland for added drama on mantles, banisters, and wreaths.
  7. Bows add drama to wreaths and to your tree.  Two types of ribbon in one bow brings even more drama to a wreath.  

(Picture Citations from top to bottom: