Art in Motion, LLC
           Interior Design Solutions
Established in 2005, AIM has been dedicated to serving the Tri-City and Greater Richmond areas. Our company provides flooring & other interior finishes in new construction facilities, renovation spaces, rental properties, residential homes, & commercial spaces such as hotels, churches, & schools. Our projects are designed to meet all budgets, both commercial & private. We provide personal consultations and strive to keep the individual's needs in mind. Our experienced team is fully licensed & insured & we warrant all work. It is our goal to make the client comfortable with the process with the assurance that the project will be completed in a timely & professional manner. Whether it is a new bathroom floor, a kitchen renovation, or a commercial remodel, no project is too large or too small. EVERY customer is important to us & will be treated with the same diligence & professional care.   Please click here for a list of the product lines that we carry. 
Laura H. Johnson
Owner, Designer

-Bachelor's of Fine Arts, James Madison University, 1999

Professional Affiliations:  
 Darrellyn Schroeter  
Office Assistant 

-Bachelor of Art, Mary Baldwin College